My life has not always been rainbows and butterflies. I had spent a lifetime trying to be what the world expected me to be and had dimmed my light so much to make others comfortable that I had forgotten who I was. I have always craved love and support, but because I wasn’t being true to myself, I wasn’t attracting the authentic friendships and relationships I dreamed of. After many struggles and regrets, I had to be honest with myself, take ownership in my past actions and determine if this was the path I should remain on or create a new one. I chose a new one.

On my new path, I had much healing to do from my life experiences and needed to develop self-love tools to allow my soul to heal. Once I discovered these tools I was called to share them with other soul sisters who were still traveling the same path I had once been on. No one should feel the loneliness that I have felt. I knew I needed to create a tribe where ALL women were accepted and nobody was left alone and misunderstood.

Now, I have so much gratitude to the universe for the amazing friendships and experiences I have discovered after following the inner nudges of my soul. I realize now that it is okay to be spiritual, confident, sexy and comfortable in my own skin because I am perfect just the way I am and so are you.